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Special tool to remove knee-controlled bar. 

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miniLITE, Ninebot S -

What is the main difference between Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S?  The main reason why Segway / Ninebot decided to introduce Ninebot S to the marked probably was a legal case brought by BMW agains Segway / Ninebot for the use of "MINI" in miniPRO and miniLITE.  Since BMW owns "MINI" brand they were not very happy about Segway / Ninebot using "mini" in the name of their products. If you are interested in this legal battle you can read more about it in our blog. Ninebot S has the same base, battery and motors as Segway miniPRO has. The...

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Ninebot S, Segway miniPRO -

Ninebot S is practically the same machine as Segway miniPRO.  This video shows how to transform Ninebot S in to Segway miniPRO.

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