SwallowBot Upgrade Service for Segway miniPLUS and Ninebot S PLUS

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent software changes rolled out by Segway, we will be confirming the compatibility of the SwallowBot software, testing and making updates as necessary. During this time, we will be pausing remote installations. Once compatibility is confirmed (7-10 days estimate), we will proceed with the installations.

SwallowBot upgrade service for Segway miniPLUS and Ninebot S PLUS. 

Remote upgrade service can be performed either by M4M local partner or by the Client.   

Option 1: Remote Upgrade via WhatsApp:

After you purchase the upgrade M4M will contact you within 24 hours to schedule remote upgrade support session.  On average the process takes 5-10min.

To use this option you need to have Android phone and WhatsApp. 

Option 2: Upgrade by M4M Local Partners:

After you purchase the upgrade service, please check the link below to see M4M partner in your area.

Check M4M Swallowbot Partners next to you!


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