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Ninebot PTR List of Error Codes

We post a complete list of all technical error codes and possible solutions to help Ninebot Elite and Ninebot PTR E Plus owners with the technical support.  If your Ninebot shows an error and requires technical support, please fell free to contact More4Mini technical support at

You can also purchase all original spare parts for Ninebot PTR or Elite from our website.  If any part is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to order it for you.

List of Error Codes for Ninebot Elite and Ninebot PTR E Plus 

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  • Ninebot f25 error 14

    Mvg on

  • Thomas,
    At the moment we don’t sell Segway S2 and unfortunately can not provide technical assistance for this product. We would suggest to contact the seller and get help from them. If you have purchase Segway S2 (Ninebot S2) from Amazon, please call 1(866)4SEGWAY to get help.

    9Bot Store Team on

  • Hello Ninebot Team,i have buy your Ninebot One S 2 but its not working.I can´t pairing me with the Ninebot and smartphone .The is pairing code is 000000 ?It that the right code?And my App say to me : “Verify that the Bluetooth icon on the vehicle is in a flashing state”.Now i see that the Bluetooth icon,I think is it a blue light in the “On” Button ,is this right?Also the Bluetooth light is not to see on or there on the Ninebot.On the backround site are 5 flashing red led`s and on the frontside are 2 flashing green light.Is that normally or not?
    Please help me.

    Thanks Thomas Bunk

    Thomas Bunk on

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