Segway miniPRO and miniLITE Wheel Replacement

Segway miniPRO and miniLITE Wheel Replacement 

Tools Required: 6 mm hex wrench


1. Make sure the miniPRO is powered off and the charger is not connected.
2. Remove the Battery (see instructions).


Press the Power Button until all lights are off to discharge any power remaining in the miniPRO.

3. Remove the Steering Bar (see instructions).
4. Unplug the three inline connectors (yellow, green, and blue) shown in the picture below.

5. Unplug the wide white motor connector from the Control Board
6. Using a 6 mm hex wrench, remove the four fasteners shown in picture below.

7. Remove the axle
8. Guide the wires and the silicone gasket out through the hole in the chassis as you remove the wheel.
Available Spare Parts:
Replacement Motor with Pre-installed tire
Replacement Motor
Replacement Metal Axle