Build Your Own Upgraded Mini Segway Scooter - Customer's Product with price 1006.00 ID ii3PYL9zOfbpnVeZXPA716sX

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SKU M4M-21M4M-010WM4M-009
Base Unit - Base Color White With Swallowbot Upgrade (80)
Tires - Tires Hybrid [M4M-21] x2 (39)
Hubcaps - Hubcaps Cover with Color Blades (White) [M4M-010W] x2 (25)
Control Bar - Control Bar Height Adjustable Handlebar + Knee Adjustable Control Bar (White) (199)
Parking Stand - Parking Stand Front Facing [M4M-009] x1 (20)
configId ii3PYL9zOfbpnVeZXPA716sX
weight 66