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At 9Bot Store we actively use discounts and rewards system to work with our Customers.  Our marketing coupon system is fully automated and is designed to promote communication with our Clients and potential Clients as well as help us improve our business operations.

There are three types of discount coupons at 9Bot Store:

  1. Time sensitive discount codes;
  2. Permanent discount codes, and
  3. Special Rewards.

1. Time sensitive discount codes

9Bot Store marketing department regularly runs special marketing campaigns and promotions.  To use them to optimize our inventory level.  The best way to know about special discounts is to joint 9Bot Store mailing list.  

Please note, these discount codes are time sensitive and usually expire within 24 to 48 hours.  Unfortunately, there is no way to extend them beyond set timing. 

2. Permanent discount codes

Permanent discount codes are issued to Clients for product reviews, blog postings, etc. These types is discount codes don't expire.   

3. Special Rewards

Special rewards are issued to the Clients that help us improve our business operations or provide detailed product feedback and detailed video reviews.

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February 08, 2017

Handle bars are a must have what a difference. My family would not ride mini pro with knee controls now everyone can control it.

Christina Ramirez
Christina Ramirez

November 25, 2016

I am interested of buying my daughter one for Christmas she has seen it on videos and she’s so excited because it’s so different than her regular hoover board


October 31, 2016

The Minipro is so much fun. Everywhere I go everyone looks at me with envy! I ride my Minipro to the store and it’s so much fun. My wife even rides it beside me while I exercise. In addition, the team were so helpful and responsive.

Ajay Sanwal
Ajay Sanwal

October 23, 2016

Just Purchased my Defeat NineBot and I love it!!! So easy to use and the options are fantastic! The remote control option from my phone is so cool! All my family and friends are totally amazed by the options! I will also be purchasing another white model for my wife. I’m waiting for the kick stand kit thats sold out and I’m also going to purchase he handle bar kit after waiting for discount or incentive. I did subscribe to emailing list so I’ll wait for the incentive.

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