Off Road Tires for Segway miniPRO

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Off Road Tires for Segway miniPRO

We finally are able to offer our clients off-road tires for Ninebot miniPRO and Segway miniPRO from More4Mini European warehouse and Mire4Mini US warehouse.

Off Road Fender for Segway Mini Pro

Off Road Fender for Segway Mini Pro

Segway Mini Pro Off Road Tires 

Segway MiniPro with Off Road tires

Segway miniPRO with off road tires gives completely different riding experience.  Please note, because of higher clearance you may have to either lift fenders up a little (it is easy to do) or remove fenders completely.

If you are interested in purchasing off-road tires for Segway miniPRO click here.

Below is a video with fender installation instructions.   We will post our own instructional video soon.



  • More4Mini team

    We will offer installation services in our DC location starting from May.

  • More4Mini team

    Yes, we do ship everywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

  • Lothar Bauer

    Do you have Shop in San Antonio?

  • Lyndon Bethel

    If I purchase offroad tires, can I ship my fenders to you and have you alter them for a price. Or May I purchase pre-altered fenders.

  • Kata

    When will I be able to purchase the off road tires and would I be able to get it installed at the DC physical location?

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