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Segway miniPRO Error Codes – App, Lights and Beeping

Error codes are displayed in the Ninebot app as well as displayed by lights (front or rear) and by sound.  Please count blinks of the lights or beeps of the sound.  The number corresponds with the error code.

Error 5 Power failed 12V Replace the Control Board
Error 6 Power failed 5 V Replace the Control Board
Error 7 Power failed 3.3 V Replace the Control Board
Error 9 CPU failed Replace the Control Board
Errors 11-16 Motor current sensor failed Replace the Control Board or Motor
Error 17 The BMS firmware is out of date Update firmware
Error 18 Rider Detect Button 1 failed Check Rider Detect buttons
Error 19 Rider Detect Button 2 failed Check Rider Detect buttons
Error 21 Linear hall sensor failed Check all connections between Control Board, Steering Assembly and Center Console.  If error remains replace Steering Sensor Board.
Error 22 Weight sensor failed Check weight sensor and connector.
Error 24 Battery communication failed Replace the battery. If the problem remains then replace the Control Board.  You can also try to use after market battery without Ninebot Communication add-on.
Error 25 BLE communication failed Check connections between the Control Board and the Center console.  If the error remains replace the center console electronics.
Error 26 Drive voltage detect failed Replace the Control Board
Error 27 Cannot power off Replace dashboard electronics or On/Off Button
Errors 28-29 CPU initialization failed Replace the Control Board
Errors 31-32 Motor drive circuit failed Check connections between motors and the Control Board.  If the problem remains replace the Motor or the Control Board.
Error 33 Abnormal Condition This error indicated overload or overspeed.
Error 34 Firmware update failed Try to update the firmware again.
Error 35 Gyroscope initialization failed Replace the Control Board
Errors 36-41 Motor sensor failed Replace the Motor.
Error 51 Battery temperature error Cool down the battery.  If the error remains replace the battery.
Error 52 Battery voltage error Replace the battery.

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Jacob Isebrands
Jacob Isebrands

September 27, 2020

I have a ninebot max g30p and I replaced the broken flawed folding neck with other parts. I replaced the dashboard too since it burned out. the new dashboard came from another scooter that doesn’t match my custom firmware from the custom firmware website you can make. it turns on, display lights up, display turns off, it continues beeping 6 times, i can turn lights on and off… how do i flash it? do I remove the C2 resistor on the dashboard and use a ST-Link v2 to flash the dashboard?

James Toole
James Toole

May 09, 2020

Hi. I have reached out to Segway but no reply. Wondering if you had any solution to my problem. I just bought a Minipro 260. I installed the app, registered, and right out of the box, will not turn on. Plugged in charger, got a green light. Will not turn on. I read online that it may be in hibernation mode from being in storage. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

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