Ninebot One Troubleshooting

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Ninebot One Troubleshooting

About 60% of Ninebot One mechanical issues are due to either a failure of the control board or a failure of the battery. The following are the basic initial troubleshooting steps we ask users to perform when they are having issues with their wheel:

The motor seldom has any failure, therefore starting the machine should not cause any additional problems.

If the wheel will not start, perform a roll test. Roll the wheel and note how it responds: a) rolls smoothly, b) rolls with resistance or c) doesn’t roll at all.

  • If there is resistance and it’s not rolling smoothly, the control board will require replacing. (Note: Once replaced, it will require a validation/check code to update the default serial number contained in new control Board)
  • If the wheel rolls smoothly, without resistance, but it does not start, it most likely requires a replacement battery.


  • Jeremy Burton

    Hello, I have a one year old mini, I have never had a problem with it but for some reason the left wheel is jammed, I checked under the wheel well and all is clear so I was trying to find a solution to get the wheel moving again the other one moves as normal

    Thank you

  • Jimmy Leonida

    I had someone trip and fall on our Ninebot Minipro which broken the steering shaft metal casing. It was an easy enough replacement, but the unit is no longer stable when turned on. It starts spinning once it is powered on. Is there any suggestions? Are there any other parts that should be replaced?

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