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Swallowbot -

Explanation of the speed upgrade options for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S

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miniPLUS, S PLUS, Swallowbot -

Swallowbot upgrade solution for Segway miniPLUS and Ninebot S PLUS


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MiniPro, segway mini pro, segway repair, Swallowbot -

M4M Swallowbot Partnership program.  Local M4M partners are the best way to receive professional service for M4M products and software solutions in your city!

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MiniPro, Ninebot S, off road, segway mini pro, Swallowbot -

Maximum speed tables with SwallowBot firmware depending on the battery charge levels.

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Ninebot S, segway customization, segway mini pro -

Increase speed of your Segway miniPRO, Ninebot S, Segway miniPLUS and ES Kickscooters to 15mph.  Easy solution for better ride.


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