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Improved Swallowbot Enhancements For Your miniPRO and S machines!

For those Segway riders that like to go “just a little faster” and have a smoother, more enjoyable ride, the Swallowbot upgrade from has been consistently offering a great way to go faster, further and more smoothly for some time now.  However recently, the miniPRO/S machines quit accepting the Swallowbot upgrade.

More4Motion immediately upon noticing the problem, halted all production of the Swallowbot upgrades to ensure their customers would not receive a product that didn’t meet the high standards of the company.  Over the course of several weeks, the programmers, installers and management studied and diligently searched for the solution to this problem.

Thanks to the programmers and technicians for their hard work and endless hours spent pouring over the circuit boards and chasing electrons around the circuitry – the answer has been found!

The Ninebot company, for reasons known only to them, decided to make a hardware change to the gyroscope chip on the circuit board. This new chip had different coding inside which conflicted with the Swallowbot upgrade.  More4Motion’s programmers were able to determine what the problem was and an efficient solution was devised which has allowed More4Motion to release the Swallowbot upgrade for customer use again!

After careful testing the technical staff at More4Motion slightly increased the top speed with the Swallowbot AND also made the push-back, at or near that new faster top speed, even more gentle offering a faster and smoother riding experience.  

So get your order in now for the latest and greatest Swallowbot experience available!

Get your Swallowbot upgrade here


  • Shannon Meal

    Is this an upgrade for my two machines that needs to be done what are the benefits as opposed to what I just bought?

  • Jon Alan Martin

    same question as everyone is this a new better upgrade than what I got last month or the same?

  • Gordon Smith

    Also upgraded to Swallowbot late last year. Is this a new update? If so would I benefit from installing it?

  • Lazarus

    If you ever develop a better battery… I’ll take two!

  • Nick

    Those of us that upgraded to swallow bot months ago….is there an update or is this just a sales pitch for the original upgrade to those that haven’t done it yet?

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