New M4M Trunk for Ninebot Segway MAX Kick Scooter - MAXPorter V2

New MAXPorter Trunk is a redesigned and improved ideal solution to carry bags, grocery or other cargo on Ninebot Segway MAX Kick scooter.  Works for all G30 and G30L models.

This new version is easier to setup, more solid, and the Kick scooter handle can latch, now you can have the trunk and carry your scooter by the handle!

Made in Europe from high quality steel or aluminum M4M Trunk for Max Scooter provides a solid platform for any basket, bag, box, etc that you want to carry with you while riding your kick scooter.  

Dimensions: 6.3in x 6.7in (16cm x 17cm )

See the easy installation video - click here

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